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Please go ahead. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Peter Allen, Scentre Group - CEO [2] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Good morning everyone. Welcome to Scentre Group's results briefing for the year ending December 31, 2016. Joining me on the call this morning is Mark Bloom, our Chief Financial Officer; and Greg Miles, our Chief Operating Officer. I will provide an overview of the highlights for the 12 months, as well as outline the progress we are making in delivering on our strategy. I will then hand over to Mark to provide further details on our financial positon. We will conclude by answering any question you may have about our results. For the 12 months, the Group delivered funds from operations of AUD1.238 billion, or AUD0.233 per security, representing 3.2% growth, which was higher than guidance. FFO growth would have been approximately 5% if not for the impact of transactions. The full year distribution of AUD0.213 per security is in line with guidance. Profit of AUD2.991 billion for the 12 months includes property revaluations of AUD1.6 billion.

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